That’s great! I’m very excited for you! I was supposed to be going to but my sister bailed on me at the last minute. Oh well, next time I’ll have to do it bigger and better. Send me pictures of your trip!

Probably in 2016 I think. I’ll hopefully work the winter and then go exploring. Come off anon next time ;)

Already settled on my next adventure. Working the ski fields in Canada and then camping in the wilderness in Iceland.

All of life, is depicted by contrast
The sun needs the moon
Sanity is defined by insanity
Happiness has no value without sadness

A mind that always gets the light
Never knows how to handle darkness
When the power cuts out
Those who have seen the dark
Know how to crest light

I know I’m bound to contrast
but I struggle with realisation
That I’m still here, with no one else

Out of here

These people I know
They are no friends of mine
Merely people I’ve crossed paths
Nothing more, nothing less
In this self inflicted mess

Should I wander for foreign land
In search of deeper clarity 
I may be in the same city
but I’m in a different world